Posted: December 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

I enjoy them quite a bit, in case my blog the other day didn’t make that clear. I saw 4 yesterday, two in the second-run theatre (Midnight In Paris and Drive) and two from Redbox (Jane Eyre and Attack the Block). This is the time of year I like to catch as many movies as I can, especially those I missed throughout the year. So while I’ll try to get my top albums of the year before the end of this week, as you can see on my previous posting, the movie list will take time. Good think the second-run, $2 theatre is close.

Some grades and small commentary on yesterday’s movies:

Midnight in Paris: A
Very enjoyable, nostalgic film. Owen Wilson in Woody Allen mode, as expected. Modernism nerds will live it.

Jane Eyre: B-
Just didn’t do it for me. Good acting and production, I just wasn’t pulled into the story.

Attack the Block: B+
Seemed like it was gonna be a spooky sci-fi romp, but turned out to have a good bit of heart. Also learned a “block” in England is an apartment building.

Drive: A
Not for the faint of heart. Reminded me of A History of Violence in some ways. Started slow and soft, but got super intense. Ryan Gosling is, as usual, on top of his game. Man needs an Oscar now.


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