Christmas Time was here

Posted: December 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

I hope everyone had a great Christmas yesterday. For me, yesterday signaled me saying goodbye to a decent amount of money that was spent but could not be got back. It’s a long story, one which I’ll spare you here for now, but suffice it to say, I made a choice of sanity over money yesterday. And although part of me would like to be in an exotic location right now, most of me is happy to be safe on the ground. Christmas, then, was a time to relax and to be around family, which is really a nice change. To know that I didn’t have to work today allowed me to just relax and enjoy the day more than I have in years. It is a good thing to be able to do that from time to time.

Anyway, one full week left of Winter Break, plus New Year’s weekend, so I’m hoping to enjoy this, too. I’ve knocked around the idea of going somewhere, but I think that’s fallen out of contention, the only caveat to that being a possible trip to Charleston to see George Mason’s basketball team play against College of Charleston, but we’ll see how I feel come Friday. Other than that, I’ll be relaxing and using my big Christmas present: money to cover some of my monthly membership at CrossFit Indian Trail. It is definitely time for me to get into real shape, and since nothing I’ve done before has ever worked, I figure it’ll be worth the pain and extra money. So thanks mom and dad for that. I’m sure I’ll appreciate it more in a few months when I’m seeing results.

In other news, I feel like I’ve seen enough movies to make my final, year-end list, so I’ll do that some time this week, too. Saw The Adventures of Tintin on Saturday (details below). May try to see one or two more this week, but we’ll see.

In any respect, I hope everyone out there is the blogosphere is doing well and had a great holiday. Best of luck to you in the final week of 2011. May 2012 bring you lots of love and good memories. God bless.

The Adventures of Tintin: B

Engaging enough story, but I felt like some of the action sequences were trying too hard to be grand scale, leading to some rather foolish choices in those terms, especially in the final, climactic showdown between two of the films’ pivotal characters (see it and tell me if you agree). Could have had a bit more heart by scaling it down just a little bit and not going for the homerun on every single action set. Otherwise, visually it was pretty cool. The moments where the 3D were supposed to go were often obvious, unlike in a movie like Hugo where I didn’t notice at all. Also contains one of the least subtle sequel set-ups I’ve seen in a long time. Worth seeing, but I wouldn’t rush out today.

Oh, and I saw Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol again with my parents. Even without the IMAX, it was still pretty amazing.


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