Road trip!(?)

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

So most of you may know that I am currently in grad school getting my masters degree. The response to finishing that degree in May 2013 is simple: go to school more. Now, in spite of the grammatical inconsistency of that last statement, I stand by it. So I’m beginning to look at schools which will, upon completion of required classes, etc, grant me a MFA in Creative Writing. I want to be able to teach at a college level and in the writing community, the MFA is considered terminal and, to be honest, a considerably better choice than a PhD in the field. In some cases I know this isn’t the case, but here it is, so I’m going to jump on it. That being said, I’ve recently been told by a few of my current professors to start looking outside of my current geographic zone, so I’ll be heading west to start looking at schools.

So, I’m narrowing down my choices to 4-5 and will be, God willing, be making a rather extended trip this summer to visit these. I’ve included the map of the trip below for your information. If anyone reading this lives in any of those areas, please let me know, as the ability to¬† have places to stay on this trip will be paramount. Also, if you live in Charlotte and think you might be bored this summer, let me know that, too. Driving is better, especially in long distances, with companions.

Anywho, that’s it for now. Went to the dentist this morning, and now it’s time for the eye doctor and then the DMV. It is quite a day!




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