30 (blogs) for (turning) 30: Day 18: First Cracks

Posted: May 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

They’ve been telling us in my comedy class to go out and try open mic nights in the area. I’m familiar with the concept. Being a musician and a songwriter, I’ve been to open mics many a time. But as a budding comedian, tonight was my first foray into the open mic territory. Stage time is the oft repeated phrase, and I’m glad that I finally got some tonight, because it was a really valuable experience as far as going forward in the comedy world, even if that means only the graduation show coming up in a few weeks.

First, I realized that being prepared goes a long way. That all the work that our teachers have been making our class do over the last few weeks to write and edit, and then edit some more has been very valuable. Of the 16 or so comedians who went tonight, several used notes, consequently leading them to miss punchlines or entire premises altogether. So rather than seeming polished and ready to go, they felt forced and unnecessarily boisterous or out of control. Which invariably leads us to the second observation…

Second, it really is easier to go the dirty route when it comes to trying to be funny. There were several people there from my comedy class, and it was easy to pick us out. We were all generally clean. A few words here and there, a little risque content, but mostly nothing you would be too terrified bringing your mother to. As for those who weren’t prepared, it was obvious, too, because in those moments of discomfort, they went straight to the raunchier stuff. It’s amazing how those two go hand in hand.

Third, I feel much more confident about my set. Yes, it ran a little long (probably by about 45 seconds), but it was good to see that I had all the jokes out there, and that while I could do to tighten things up a bit, generally speaking I was mostly where I was hoping I’d be at this point. I’m actually more excited now about the upcoming graduation show than I was before, and I am looking forward to continuing to hone my set further moving forward.

For those of you who might have forgotten, the graduation show is May 12, with doors at 7, show at 8. It’s free if you tell them my name at the door, but you want to make sure you arrived early for a good seat. They sell food and drinks and it’s a good way to spend a Monday evening. Plus, it’s the night before my birthday, so we can start the celebration off in style. Hope to see some people there!


God bless,



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