30 (blogs) for (turning ) 30: Day 19: Bucket List

Posted: May 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

I know what you’re thinking. Dark, right? I mean, I’m turning 30, not dying. But I got to thinking about bucket lists on my way home tonight. I had a full day, just having arrived at home after school, a trip to the record store, Food Truck Friday and then seeing Frank Caliendo on stage at The Comedy Zone. So yeah, long day. When I get into these sort of moods, where I’m tired and off my guard a little, I find my mind wanders in those odd directions and I start connecting things in my life that may or may not actually be connected.

In this case, that connection happened to be trifold. First, I signed up for an actual audition for The Voice this June in Washington, DC. It’s a legit thing. I have a date, time and everything. The only sad part is that since it’s the first weekend in June, I won’t be able to take a few extra days and revisit my old stomping grounds, as I have to be in school that Friday and back for church on Sunday. Oh well. I’m excited, because it gives me a chance to go after something that I believe I was meant to do, and that is making music. Maybe this won’t work out, but I’m going at it for the experience of having done something about my passions rather than just sitting around and hoping something might come along.

Second, the Caliendo show brought to mind why I opted to take the comedy class in the first place. It all had to do with turning 30. I was sitting at school one afternoon during my planning period and considering what I might do over the last few months of my 20’s that might make them more memorable. My first thought was improv classes, but I couldn’t really find anything that seemed viable, so that’s when I stumbled upon the stand-up classes. So far, I’ve really loved it and I’m looking forward to continuing to pursue it on some level as time goes on.

Third, I got home and I realized just how beat I was. Seriously, this is the third thing. I had this grand vision of how I was going to stay up really late just doing nothing of great importance, but the moment I stepped foot into my apartment tonight, I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I’ll probably be in bed not long after posting this. I’m in a strange place in my life as far as age is concerned. My mind still wants to act like I always have–staying up late, eating whatever I want, and all that–but my body is telling me that it’s not possible. That I am starting to need more sleep and less food to survive. That I need more opportunities to just relax and enjoy the world around me.

Which brings me back around to the bucket list concept. I don’t have one, and I don’t really anticipate making one. But I do see the reason why people would want to. There’s so much left to do and I think, for some things, the simple fact that I haven’t done certain things, like trying out for a reality singing show or stand-up comedy, is reason enough to give them a shot at all.


God bless,



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