30 (blogs) for (turning) 30: Day 22: Excited and Unfazed

Posted: May 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

I have to admit something: in spite of all the uncertainty I have about turning 30, I’m finding that I’m still kind of excited about my birthday. I’m not sure why, really. The reasons I got crazy jacked up as a kid are pretty much gone. Sure, there might still be gifts, but as an adult I find the things I want are considerably more practical, which is fine, but it doesn’t exactly feel “exciting” to me. I think it’s mostly because I just like a good party.

It’s the same reason I still enjoy a good wedding even though they serve mostly as reminders of the other state I’m less than thrilled about in my life: I like a good party. And, in spite of my tendency towards introversion, I enjoy being the center of attention in the right circumstances, so this whole birthday thing really works out rather nicely for that.

The other day I said to someone that I hadn’t really given much thought to my birthday of late, at least not to the extent that I entirely loathe the situation as much as I thought I would. Seriously, this time last year, I would have thought that I would be freaking out by now, maybe a little sad and concerned, but honestly, I’m way more okay than I expected to be. I’m closing in on being thrilled, to tell the truth. Maybe because I’m trying to look at this next year as the start of something more than just the end.

One thing I keep hearing from friends who’ve gone through 30 already is that they really feel like their lives started once they hit 30; that turning 30 allowed them to actually feel like an adult and be treated as one. That part doesn’t sound so bad to me. Now if that comes with a side order of extra confidence and a few more dates once I hit 30, I think you’ll have me 100% convinced that this won’t be so bad after all.


God bless,



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