30 (blogs) for (turning) 30: Day 23: Jinxed?

Posted: May 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

T.S. Eliot begins his seminal work “The Waste Land” with the oft-quoted line, “April is the cruellest month,” but I’m beginning to think that Eliot is a little off in his assertion. It’s starting to seem to me that May is in fact the cruelest month of them all.

I’m also concerned that I’m going to start connecting my birthday each year with bad news. The last two years, I have received bad, if not unsurprising, news in May. I’ll stop beating around the bush, I guess: I was told today that I am not to be offered a contract for next year, making me, as my soon-to-be-former principal put it, “a free agent” and free to begin looking for jobs again.

I find myself with mixed emotions on this. On the plus side, it gives me an opportunity to hopefully get myself into a higher grade level than middle school, which is actually where I’ve wanted to be all along, but haven’t, as of yet, been able to get there. It also means heading back out onto the interview circuit, which I rather loathe, and watching my spending over the summer as my weekly unemployment checks come in. For sure, I’m glad that I have that as an option, but it certainly would be better to have a salary and the knowledge that I have work once school starts up again.

All in all, however, I really believe that a better option is coming down the road. I don’t believe that God has just tossed me out into the wilderness with no intention of guiding me along the way. Judging from last year, it won’t be easy by any stretch of the imagination, as the job hunt isn’t exactly my favorite kind of hunt to embark upon. But if this means I get to move into a better place, somewhere where I’ll get an opportunity to really stretch myself and truly use my skills as I believe I’m fit to do, then I’m all for it.

Of course I’ll appreciate your prayers and pleasant thoughts along the way. And if you know of any opportunities that come up that you think I might be good for, by all means, let me know. I’ll wide open and excited to see what’s coming along next.


God bless,



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